AX1 Trader- A Single Global Platform Transforming the World into One Global Exchange!

Do present day retail traders, solely depend on trading tips and market calls from their brokers, over a simple phone call? The answer is a resounding No! In today’s fast paced trading world, technology plays a vital and crucial role in helping retail traders maximize their profits on their investments. This has spurred on a race to evolve the ultimate trading platform for the retail trader that will hardly require any user involvement, once the initial requirements are provided.

In line with this trend, after years of perseverance in our R&D labs, we have come up with the next generation trading platform- The AX1 Trader...


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  • A fast and efficient trading Platform with a thinking Cap A fast and efficient Forex Trading Platform with a thinking Cap:
    Delving deep into the capabilities of AX1 trader, we find that it is a constantly evolving trading-beast, bred to emulate every other leading software in the market. This helps AX1 multi-exchange trading systems provide our users the best in terms of Security, Speed...  
  • The next Level in Arbitrage trading The next Level in Arbitrage trading:
    Furthermore, to increase your profit margin, the arbitrage tool in AX1 online forex trader scouts every thread of information in the markets to present you with the most lucrative arbitrage opportunities. This helps you discover the hidden treasures in those miniscule quote...  
  • Intelligent Order matching and Order Routing Intelligent Order matching and Order Routing:
    AX1 trader platform ensures that you have one of the biggest pools to fish for profits on your trades. This Exchange trading platform is designed in such a way that it can efficiently process your orders within the exchange order matching engine, and route the orders...  
  • Advanced Charts and Tools for Technical Trading Advanced Charts and Tools for Technical Trading:
    If you are the Analytical trader who lives and breathes charts, then AX1 trader has a wide array of charts and tools for you! The charts and tools integrated into AX1 Forex Trading platforms range from the simple to the most advanced and sophisticated ones. This provides...  

Highly Customizable Exchange Trading Software:

 The AX1 trader has a robust modular structure that can be tweaked and adapted to handle any trading related process and their requirements. AX1 trader is an off the shelf solution for all of your trading needs in various trading domains like commodity exchange, stock exchange, Futures and CFDs exchange or the Foreign Exchange (Forex). This Exchange trading system can morph as: the ultimate...  


Multiple Platform Compatibility:

Most trading instruments like futures, CFDs and arbitrage in the Forex markets require the trader to be vigilant 24/7. There will be times when one cannot access a computer immediately, but the markets wait for no one. Keeping this in mind...  

  • Algorithmic Trading for Institutional Investors Algorithmic Trading for Institutional Investors:
    Many financial institutions use algorithmic trading strategies to place their bulk orders. AX1 trader is well equipped to provide the most advanced algorithmic trading strategies. This will help you place...  
  • Whoever you are AX1 Trader is for you Whoever you are, AX1 Trader is for you:
    Are you a Bank, a LP (liquidity Provider), a Market maker, a Fund manager, an advanced trader or a regular trader? We have the most suitable and highly customizable solutions for you. AX1 trader has been...