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Building a platform that is suitable and sustainable could definitely bring significant changes to your trading career. Ax1 Trading Platform is intelligent and encompasses a diverse range of surprisingly powerful features ranging from algorithmic trading to advanced charts & tools. Ax1 traders could boost the trading morale and bridge the gap between traders and trading logic, establishing a more transparent and reliable approach towards trading.

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AX1’s Trading Platform Features - At a Glance

Ax1 platform’s mission is to champion the trading industry by providing traders with several features that constantly improves their experience & eliminates all possible complexities.

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Change the application layouts and experience responsiveness while trading


AX1 features new methods and ideas which are exceptionally advanced and unique


Trade with dynamic charts and experience a rich Graphical User Interface

Multi-Dimensional analysis

Analyze the market with multiple graphs and charts for detailed statistics and trade accordingly.


Customize the trading platform according to your needs and trade with more comfort and ease

direct access to stocks

Access the market data & keep yourself updated about throughout news and alert features.

ensuring safety

Ax1 is fully encrypted, and you need not worry about your data and your trading career

productive tools

Trade with tools that helps provides you stable support for your trading career

trade architect

Become a trade architect by foreseeing the market happenings with AX1’s accurate charts and graphs.

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We have been creating and sharing the most powerful trading platform to a wide range of financial brokerages, startup trading companies, mid-sized financial providers. All you need to do to start trading with AX1 trader is

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