Software as a Service

What’s more? Ax1 offers software as a service for startup trading companies and mid-sized financial providers who look for software that offers new possibilities and greater customer experiences at a cost-effective price. The usage of the Ax1 trading platform is broadening day by day, and we strive to improve our services by enhancing the platform more technically.

Our Hosting and maintenance of trading service platforms nix all your complications as we provide an end-to-end solution for all your needs.

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AX1 is a highly efficient cost effective and comprehensive
software trading solution

  • Start-up Trading

    Perfect Trading solutions for start-up trading companies, offering them exactly what they need.

  • Brokerage companies

    We have made great efforts in offering a platform which helps brokerage companies to deliver high standard services.

  • Individual Trading

    Ax1 acts as the perfect solution for all individual traders who have set out to become the greatest trader of all times.

  • Hosting and Maintenance of Trading Service

    All your hosting needs comes with the perfect solution with Ax1 traders.

Exchange and Online Trading Solutions

AX1 trader provides a host of rich GUI with a wide array of trading client windows. The trading workstation and their advanced charting tools are smoothly compatible with most of the major desktop Operating systems that include, but not restricted to, the ubiquitous Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OS, etc. The rich GUI provides users with context-based information for every screen in the workstation. This makes AX1 Systems workstation one of the most sophisticated trading platforms, without compromising on the ease of use that makes it suitable even for a beginner in the trading world.

True to our mission of providing all the adhoc trading features under a single platform, we have integrated the mail, alerts, chat, news, and many other features in our AX1 trader workstation. Now, with the AX1 platform’s inbuilt chat and mail support, you don’t have to open multiple browser windows to read on financial news or access chat, alerts, and mail from your service providers. This Exchange trading software will act as your single comprehensive platform to access all of your trading related services. Our years of research have made AX1 Forex trading software, one of the lowest latency platforms that execute transactions at competitively high speeds.

Other additional features include detachable windows for intense scrutiny of charts. Multiple order windows, graphical open position summary, and collapsible grouping of instruments to provide you a compact eagle-eye view. With the multiple account support, you can seamlessly switch from one trading account to the other, using a single trading platform.

Apart from the retail traders, AX1 trader Work Station is also built for catering to the requirements of Bulk Trading handled by Corporate Clients and Brokers. As a Broker Terminal AX1 Exchange trading system lets the user access multiple accounts simultaneously, all under a single platform. Brokers can now seamlessly shift from one account to other, to view the latest trade reports, statistics regarding different instruments, and place bulk orders, without the need to shift to multiple platforms.

On the other hand, we also offer Web trader- a Lite version of the AX1 platform that can be accessed using a web browser URL. This Lite version is built to consume the least amount of resources possible with essential features that still allows traders to place orders on the go. This will help our wide client base to access their trading accounts through any device that can connect to the internet, especially ones with less computing power and unsuitable to support a robust, full-fledged trading platform.

The wide range of professional themes and customizable layouts give you the freedom to make AX1 trader a truly and uniquely personalized workstation, reflecting your taste. Our automated updates and patches always keep the AX1 Online Trading Software smooth and running to help you stay ahead of the curve.

AX1 trader software package comes with applications (Apps) for mobile platforms like iPhones, iPads, and many other portable devices that can connect to the internet. Our Apps provide a robust set of GUIs for advanced mobile platforms. At the same time, we also provide Lite apps that are not a burden on your mobile resources and seamlessly enable you to trade from your portable devices.

The highly user-friendly interface of our App, along with its faster execution of trade orders, will take trading on portable devices to a new level of efficiency. Keeping in mind the requirements of today’s tech-savvy customers, this App provides many popular technical indicators to help our customers to maximize their profit potential. The different types of statistical charts provided by this App, further help our customers make the most informed investment decisions, right from their iPhone/iPad, on the go.

AX1 trader true to its commitment of being the platform for all trading roles provides the adequate tools and modules that can be customized for the needs of the manger terminals of a Financial Business House.

In any Exchange, the manager terminals provide the financial service providers the eagle-eye view of all the trades that happen through their entity. For example, the market makers need to keep a sharp eye on the margin requirements of their clients and send margin calls as and when required. A slight delay in reacting will increase their risk position and cause immense losses that can snowball into a disaster.

AX1 Software Solution’s sophisticated manger terminals enable sharp monitoring, risk analysis, client profiling, manage STP and dealing, accounting etc., Even the chat and email support for your clients can be managed from a single platform with surprising ease and elegance.

Our adapter plugins enable you to connect from AX1 multi-exchange trading platform to major exchanges either through the standard fixed protocols or use the vendor APIs offered by your service providers.

We provide the data feed on par with the best in the market through our highly efficient servers. At the same time, we provide our customers with immense freedom in choosing their own service providers. And in this cause, we strive to provide the required adapter plugins to seamlessly work with their service providers, either using a standard protocol or the vendor APIs.