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AX1 Trading Platform

AX1 Trading Platform is part of the Pride Holding Group's array of Flagship companies. We strive to provide traders and managers, one single platform to trade and manage orders across all major exchanges in the world. We are a team of bright, young software developers guided by a few experienced hands, based in UAE, India, Canada, who have come together to fulfill the AX1 dream. Through our AX1 Trader, we envision to transform this trading world into a truly one exchange entity.

We have immense experience in providing high-performance electronic trading and exchange systems. AX1 trader is a result of our pioneering effort in our R&D labs to provide various cutting edge, comprehensive risk management tools, and connectivity to global markets from a single trading platform.

Our longstanding experience in providing software solutions for order matching engines, clearing, and settlement processes puts at an advantage to develop AX1 trader as a comprehensive software solution package for the trading world.

AX1 offers trading solutions to a wide range of customers round the globe Trade with the most powerful features

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Security checks are provided for your trading console.

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Setup your trading console easy & quick.

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